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2D drawings and plans can be dull, flat and uninspiring. In contrast, the possibilities of visualizing your dream outdoor area in photorealistic 3D images are almost endless. With 3D renderings we can help you quickly and affordably visualize your plans for backyard renovations, landscape architecture designs and other outdoor spaces.

Walden Design landscape plan with 3D visualizationOutdoor Patio Fireplace and Kitchen

3D Rendering

3D renderings can create a visual story out of the ideas you have for your landscaping project so that you have a realistic depiction of how your future landscape will look in the end.

image of a 3D rendering of a backyard landscape design project

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360° Walk Through

360° walkthroughs provide a more effective way to visualize the final design than traditional 2D drawings or static 3D models. This can help in making informed design decisions.

Outdoor Pool Area

See Stone Patio

Landscape Visualization

Why you might want more than a 2D landscape design for your project.

3D visualization tools can help you see every aspect of your planned design in detail, from textures, to space, to color palettes. The type of immersive approach possible with 3D rendering tools helps you visualize and make informed decisions on layout, materials, plant choices and more which will help you get to create a better end product, quicker and more cost-effectively.

When you are planning a landscaping project that involves many facets and details, there is more chance for human error without having a clear way to communicate all its design elements. For this reason, when it comes to larger landscaping projects like water features, multiple landscape beds, or a patio addition, choosing to add a professional 3D design rendering can be greatly beneficial for many reasons.


What does a 3D rendering include?

Our design rendering packages will help with every step of your landscaping project from planning to completion. These renderings will be anything but basic. They are created using technology that allows for incredible detail and creativity, so your 3D rendering will be a life-like portrayal of your ideal landscape. For example, the software we use can even include realistic images of what your plants will look like as they grow or even how your project will look like at night!

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