Our Story.

Our name Walden Design was inspired by Henry David Thoreau and his book Walden. Thoreau wrote Walden as an account of two years he lived in the woods near Concord, Massachusetts on Walden Pond. There be built his own cabin, raised his own food to live simply. He wanted to be free from the distractions of ordinary life. At Walden Pond he observed nature and lived in harmony with his environment around him. As a landscape designer our design philosophy is similar to Thoreau’s, we observe nature to get our inspiration for our designs.

Our designs are a visual cohesive blend of nature, client’s lifestyles, and the environment all around us.

Jami Kibbe

Owner & Designer

My love of landscaping began when I was young. In my middle school autobiography, I wrote:

“At 25 I would like to get a degree as a landscape engineer. I would like to own my own business…”

I guess my love of landscaping started when I was young. When I was young I use my parent’s lawn tractor and trailer to do various landscape projects around the yard. I would haul around topsoil, mulch, plants, and rocks and add new planting beds, retaining walls, ponds, and waterfalls. My first job, when I turned 16, was at a nursery, where I also met my future wife, and I have been in the green industry ever since. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it a career and attend Michigan State’s Landscape Design, Construction, and Management program. I really enjoyed school and learning more in dept about plants, design and other landscaping.

Troy Winters

Director of Operations

Troy Winters opens the line of communication between the client, designer, and crew to get projects done. With 36 years in the landscaping business, Troy has experience in management consultation, team building, and strategic implementation. Troy is a Michigan Certified Nurseryman, has earned his Pond Installer Certification, and has his Builders License.

Troy is crazy happily married with six children and ten grandchildren! He also has managed to find time to serve as a firefighter and medical first responder, found Mustard Ministries, and be very involved in his church.

Our Values